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I’m so excited to have Pilates in Beyond as I think it's so important to find a form of movement that you enjoy. 

Pilates can be such a great way to move your body, not only is it a workout and a great form of training in itself but it can really help compliment other forms of training. I can't wait for you guys to see the new classes that we have and I am over the moon to be introducing Katie as our new Pilates trainer!

Katie originally trained as a professional dancer, but as she fell out of love with dancing, and found that some of her motivations were coming from the wrong places, through Pilates she rediscovered her love for fitness, and describes how this form of training helped heal her body both physically and in a deeper sense too.

She has now been practising Pilates for over 10 years and teaching for 5, having  undergone the 450 hour teacher training programme at Studio du Corps' in California, and is now here to help bring pilates to the beyond family!



Working out has helped me so much in my life, and so I started beyond as I wanted to share my training plans and what I have learned in the hope that it can help you too!

In beyond you can find a whole range of different kinds of workouts, no matter your ability or experience! With over 10 different guides split by location and difficulty level, as well as a whole workout library, realtime classes and challenges there really is something for everyone!

All my workouts are guaranteed to push you and have you feeling your best both physically and mentally, so download the app today and try one out for yourself!



It has always been so important to me and to beyond, that you look after your mental wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing and that is why I am so excited to have our newest updates in the beyond app and to introduce you all to Sophie!

Sophie is our brand new self love guru, and you can find her in our brand new audio and podcast content where she will be there to tackle taboo subjects, talk to you about things that maybe you don’t have someone else to talk to about, or just to give you that little push of motivation!

Sophie has been a huge part of the brand new update to beyond. You can find new features including a mood journal, weekly planner, and diary, all designed to help you feel your happiest and most positive selves, so download the app today and take control of your wellbeing!


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What's Included?

Workouts Area

Our huge workouts area has all the content for you to find a method that works for you, empowering you to take control of your fitness journey.

Community guides

Our community guides provide structured plans for you to complete alongside a supportive community of thousands of other girls on the same journey as you.
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Recipe Library

The Good Bite has collaborated with Beyond for an exclusive library of wholesome food, ready to maximise your progress!

Choose from simple recipes, to meals that will seriously impress - and with lots of healthy options, your meals will leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the next part of your day!
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The brand new beyond wellbeing area has everything you need to help you prioritise your mental as well as your physical health

The beyond podcast

"Setting the world to rights with Soph" is the brand new beyond podcast, available exclusively within the beyond app! With a new episode every month Soph will be tackling all the biggest topics to help you be your best and happiest selves
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Join our thriving community, supporting one another with positivity and motivation!

Share your own recipes or workouts, join our Q&A's, see updates from Meggan and become part of our thriving community.
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